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The Martyred President

Sermons Given on the Occasion of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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Gordon, W. R. The Sin of Reviling, and Its WorkMay 7, 1865 Ref. Prot. Dutch Church of Schraalenberg, N. J.
Hall, Gordon President Lincoln's Death: Its Voice to the People April 19, 1865 First Church, Northampton
Hathaway, Warren A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Abraham LincolnWednesday, April 19, 1865 Coxsackie
Haven, Gilbert The Uniter and Liberator of AmericaSunday, April 23, 1865 North Russell Street M. E. Church, Boston
Jeffery, R. The Mission of Abraham LincolnThursday Morning, June 1st, 1865 Fourth Baptist Church, Philadelphia
Johnson, Herrick God's Ways UnsearchableApril 23, 1865 Third Presbyterian Congregation, in Mozart Hall, Pittsburgh, PA
Laurie, Thomas Three DiscoursesApril 13th, 19th, and 23d, 1865. The South Evangelical Church, West Roxbury, Mass.
Leffingwell, Rev. C. S. Strength in SorrowJune 1st, 1865 St. John's Church, Canandaigua, NY
Lowe, Rev. Charles Death of President LincolnSunday, April 23, 1865 Unitarian Church in Archdale Street, Charleston, S. C.
Mayo, A. D. The Nation's SacrificeSunday Morning, April 16, and Wednesday Morning, April 19, 1865 Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati, Ohio
McCauley, Rev. Jas. A. Character and Services of Abraham LincolnThursday, June 1, 1865 Eutaw Methodist Episcopal Church
McClintock, John Discourse Delivered on the Day of the Funeral of President Lincoln.Wednesday, April 19, 1865 St. Paul's Church, New York
Paddock, Wilbur F. A Great Man Fallen!Sunday Morning, April 23, 1865 St. Andrew's Church, Philadelphia
Parker, Rev. Henry E. Discourse the Day After the Reception of the Tidings of the Assassination of President LincolnApril 16, 1865 Concord, N. H.
Rankin, Rev. J. E. Moses and JoshuaWednesday Noon, April 19, 1865 Winthrop Church, Charlestown
Reed, Rev. S. A Discourse Delivered on the Occasion of the Funeral Obsequies of President LincolnApril 19, 1865 M. E. Church, Edgartown, Mass.
Rev. B. J. Relyea The Nation's Mourning. A Sermon Preached Before the Congregational Church and Society in Green's Farms, Conn., on the Day of the National Fast, Occasioned by the Death of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, June 1st, 1865.June 1st, 1865 The Congregational Church and Society in Green's Farms, Conn.
N. L. Rice, D.D. Sermon on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, Late President of the United States. Preached on the Occasion of the National FuneralWednesday, April 19, 1865 Presbyterian Church in Fifth Avenue, cor. 19th St., N. Y.
Robbins, Frank L. A Discourse on the Death of Abraham LincolnApril 23, 1865 Greenhill Presbyterian Church
Robinson, Rev. Chas. S. The Martyred President: A Sermon Preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.April 16th, 1865 Brooklyn, NY
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