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The Martyred President

Sermons Given on the Occasion of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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Badger, Rev. Henry C. The Humble Conqueror: A Discourse Commemorative of the Life and Services of Abraham Lincoln.April 23, 1865 Cambridgeport Parish
Blake, Rev. John Falkner A Sermon on the Services and Death of Abraham Lincoln Easter Sunday, April 16th, 1865. Repeated April 19th, 1865. Christ Church, Bridgeport, Conn., April 16th; North Congregational Church, Bridgeport, April 19th
Boardman, Reverend George Dana An Address in Commemoration of the Re-Establishment of the National Flag at Fort Sumter.April 14, 1865 First Baptist Church of Philadelphia
Boardman, Rev. George Dana Death, the Law of LifeApril 16, 1865 First Baptist Church of Philadelphia
Boardman, Rev. George Dana An Address in Commemoration of Abraham LincolnApril 19, 1865 First Baptist Church of Philadelphia
Booth, Robert Russell Personal Forgiveness and Public JusticeApril, 23 1865 Mercer Street Presbyterian Church, New York
Hardinge, Emma The Great Funeral Oration on Abraham LincolnApril 16, 1865 Cooper Institute, New York
Bullock, Alex. H. Abraham Lincoln: The Just Magistrate, the Representative Statesman, the Practical PhilanthropistJune 1, 1865 Worcester
Butler, J. G. The Martyr President1865 St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Chamberlain, N. H. The Assassination of President LincolnApril 19th, 1865 St. James Church, Birmingham, CT
Rev. C. B. Crane. Sermon on the Occasion of the Death of President Lincoln. Sunday, April 16th, 1865. South Baptist Church, Hartford, Conn.
Pastor O. E. Daggett A Sermon on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, April 15th, 1865. Sunday Morning, April 16th, 1865, And Again, by Request, the Following Wednesday Evening. First Congregational Church, Canandaigua, N. Y.
Day, P. D. A Memorial Discourse on the Character of Abraham LincolnJune 1, 1865 Hollis, N. H.
Deming, Henry Champion Eulogy of Abraham LincolnJune 8th, 1865 Allyn Hall, Hartford
DeNormandie, James The Lord ReignethApril 16th, 1865 Portsmouth, N. H.
Dix, Rev. Morgan The Death of President LincolnApril 19, 1865 Saint Paul's Chapel, New York
Eddy, Richard The Martyr to LibertySunday, April 16th, Wednesday, April 19th, and Thursday, June 1st. First Universalist Church, Philadelphia
Fowler, Henry Character and Death of Abraham LincolnApril 23, 1865 Auburn, NY
Garrison, Rev. J. F. The Teachings of the CrisisApril 19, 1865 St. Paul's Church, Camden, N. J.
Gillette, A. D. God Seen Above All National Calamities April 23, 1865 First Baptist Church, Washington, D. C.
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